Onsite, Distributed Produced Water Treatment for Oilfields

Wastewater Purification

MGX and 60% owned engineering partner PurLucid Treatment Solutions Inc. provide wastewater handling solutions on-site for oilfield operators. Utilizing patented nanoflotation technology, these container-based, distributed systems treat produced water at the oilfield site, without the costs of building pipeline infrastructure or trucking water offsite.

The treatment process consists of a series of membrane-based filtration methods that separates impurities from oil and gas wastewater to yield clean water as a final product. The process allows for the recycling or controlled release of oilfield-produced water and reduces or eliminates downhole and associated transportation costs.

4 to 1

Number of produced water barrels for every barrel of oil and gas in North America

45 Billion

Estimated number of produced water barrels generated annually by 2025 from North American oil and gas production

MGX Minerals Wastewater Treatment

Ultra-High Temperature Water Treatment

The water treatment systems utilize highly charged Replaceable Skin Layer (RSL™) membranes related to nanofiltration and High Intensity Froth Flotation (HiFF) systems, known as nanoflotation, which collectively have demonstrated performance superiority over other processes typically used to remove contaminants. The technology allows for ultra-high temperature water treatment (up to 700°C) at 10-30 times the efficiency of existing ultrafiltration systems and offers numerous environmental benefits.