Old Energy Participates In The New Energy Economy


Petrolithium is a new approach that focuses on concentrating lithium and other elements from abundantly available wastewater (brine) that accompanies oil and gas production.

MGX’s rapid lithium extraction systems have the potential to unlock vast unconventional sources of lithium. This new technology could dramatically alter the energy landscape in the coming decades.


  • Ability to utilize existing O&G infrastructure
  • Allows for scalable capital deployment
  • Simplifies permitting process
  • Eliminates solar evaporation step

~80 Million

The North American oil and gas industry generates more than 80 million barrels of brine daily


Post-concentration lithium values verified by MGX from produced water within the Marcellus Shale

MGX Minerals Petrolithium Technology

Extracting Lithium from Brine

MGX's rapid lithium extraction technology eliminates the physical footprint and investment in large, multi-phase, lake sized, lined evaporation ponds, as well as enhances the quality of extraction and recovery across a complex range of brines as compared with traditional solar evaporation. This technology is applicable to petrolithium (oil and gas wastewater), natural brine and other brine sources such as lithium-rich mine and industrial plant wastewater.