Unlocking Geothermal's Vast Mineral Potential

Geothermal Extraction

MGX's geothermal extraction technology concentrates metals and other dissolved salts using geothermal brine as a feedstock. This proprietary, low energy design process also eliminates a large industry barrier known as scaling and enhances the long-term operating performance of geothermal plants. Geothermal brines are known to contain vast amounts of lithium, magnesium and many other elements.


  • Integrates into existing geothermal power plant infrastructure
  • Eliminates scaling and heat transfer loss
  • Utilizes Replaceable Skin Layer (RSL™) membranes
  • Fully integrates with wastewater purification systems

4.1 Million Tons

Reduced CO2 emissions in the United States each year thanks to geothermal power plants

3,567 MW

Total megawatt power of geothermal plants operating in the United States- highest in the world

MGX Minerals Geothermal Technology

Extracting Metals & Dissolved Salts From Geothermal Brines

MGX's geothermal extraction technology is capable of integrating into existing geothermal infrastructure for both the pre or post power plant phase and also has the ability to remove scale-forming ions and dissolved salts while not requiring a reduction in brine temperatures for filtration. The importance of high temperature operation in the post power plant phase allows return water temperature to remain high which is a primary environmental permit requirement.