The Leader in Long Duration, Zinc-Air Energy Storage

Zinc-Air Batteries

MGX’s subsidiary MGX Renewables Inc. develops zinc-air energy storage systems designed for high capacity, long duration use ranging from commercial and industrial to grid-scale applications.

Using low-cost zinc and air as fuel, this patented technology employs a fuel tank structure that is highly scalable. The technology allows for low-cost, mass storage of energy that can be deployed into a wide range of synergistic applications including:

  • Renewables Storage (wind, solar, tidal) and Motive Power (rail or marine)
  • Grid Scale Storage and Energy Trading & Arbitrage
  • Industrial, Mine, Factory On-Demand and Peak Shaving
  • Long Duration Storage and Backup
  • Stationary and Portable Energy for Military and Natural Disasters
  • Diesel Generator Replacement and Augmentation

< $10 / kWh

The cost of energy storage for a typical zinc-air battery system


The number of operating life hours per subsystem of a typical 20 kW system

Low cost, Long duration energy storage systems

MGX Renewable's energy storage systems are designed to deliver backup power in the range of 5 to 100 kW over extended periods of time. With the advantage of rechargeable zinc-air battery technology, the systems are configured to support a wide range of discharge power, recharge power and duty cycle requirements. An independent Battery Management System enables the system to be configured for any AC/DC, load/source environment.