Explore mining and technology advancements and the systems and processes enabling the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy at MGX Minerals.


Rapid Lithium Mining Technology

At the core of MGX Minerals is lithium, an essential component to the batteries that power electric vehicles and energy storage: two key technologies driving the clean energy transition.

Building on its experience in mining and technology, MGX Minerals can produce lithium in a matter of days, rather than the months or years required for conventional extraction methods.

mining and technology intelligenceWe achieve this through a pioneering nanofiltration mining technology that can extract lithium (and filter pollutants) from mineral-rich surface water or underground brine pools located around the world. One example of abundant feedstock for MGX’s technology is petroleum brine, which is pumped to the surface in huge quantities alongside hydrocarbons during oil and gas production, and then treated as wastewater.

MGX is able to unlock this previously unrecoverable lithium through a patented filtration method employing replaceable skin layer (RSL) membranes.

Mining and Technology for Oilfield Applications

MGX’s technology offers a wastewater treatment alternative that is more efficient and lower cost than most treatment methods. Its container-based, modular system enables onsite water treatment, a middle ground between trucking waste, which is costly and opens up producers to financial and environmental liability; and pipeline infrastructure, which carries high upfront costs.

With minimal infrastructure, the nanofiltration system outputs water of high enough purity to be reused for oilfield operations or safely disposed of nearby.