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Press Releases


Press Releases

MGX Minerals Announces Results of Alternative Energy Analysis for Driftwood Creek Magnesium Project

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - June 18, 2015 - MGX Minerals Inc. (“MGX” or the “Company”) (CSE: XMG / FKT:1MG) is pleased to announce initial results of desktop analysis for the use of hydrogen rich synthesis fuel (“hydrogen fuel”) as the primary energy source for the calcining of magnesite ore at the Company’s flagship Driftwood Creek magnesium project (“Driftwood Creek”).

Based on analysis conducted by the Company’s engineering partner Industrial Furnace Company (“IFCO”) (see press release dated June 4, 2015), with data provided from Highbury Energy (“Highbury”), initial results indicate that Highbury’s proprietary biomass conversion process can supply 93.3% of heat energy necessary to conduct magnesia calcining in IFCO’s multiple hearth furnace at Driftwood Creek. Further analysis suggests that remaining heat energy needs could be obtained from use of a specialized burner and fuel additive indicating a complete and viable alternative energy solution.

Integration of Highbury’s biomass to hydrogen fuel conversion plant with IFCO’s multiple hearth furnace is an important technical step for MGX. The compatibility of these two primary components allows the Company to move ahead with the use of an alternative energy solution in the engineering of its 100,000 tonne per annum plant for the production of magnesium oxide.

“We are quite pleased with the initial results of the integration of these key components at Driftwood Creek,” stated MGX President and CEO Jared Lazerson. “In a few short weeks MGX has begun to reap the benefit of its newest strategic partnerships. This is a unique solution for the Province of British Columbia and mining as an industry, putting MGX at the forefront of hybrid mining and alternative energy technologies.”

About Industrial Furnace Company
Industrial Furnace Company (“IFCO”) is a private family owned company, founded in 1948. IFCO is made up of a four divisions allowing the company the diversity and capabilities to be a full service contractor, capable of handling all facets of industrial construction. With over 65 years of experience IFCO has made a strong commitment to bring the latest technology to the Magnesite Industry. IFCO provides the latest technology reducing cost of ownership and operating costs. IFCO has performed projects in 47 American states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

About Highbury Energy
Highbury Energy Inc. is an innovative energy company dedicated to the development and utilization of renewable energy resources through the procurement and conversion of biomass. Highbury has developed a patent pending dual-bed steam gasification technology that converts biomass into high-grade synthesis or fuel gas. This robust process produces a medium calorific value gas from most types of organic matter, such as wood or agricultural wastes, without need of tonnage oxygen. The cleaned synthesis gas can readily replace natural gas in industrial kilns and furnaces in the mineral, pulp & paper, glass, and cement industries. Alternately, the syngas can fuel an internal combustion engine to make electricity, with waste heat used for refrigeration, or district heating. Syngas can also be converted to high value liquid fuels such as diesel or jet fuel, or into chemicals such as methanol or ethanol.