Lithium: Accelerating The Drive To Renewables

The abundance and versatility of lithium makes it a valuable energy source.

As the world increasingly shifts to less carbon-intensive sources of energy and demand for electric vehicles (EVs), laptops and mobile devices grows, so will demand for lithium. Conventional resources of lithium, such as solar brine evaporation and hard rock pegmatite mining, are unlikely to keep pace with the predicted exponential rate of expansion over the coming decades.

New technologies, such as MGX’s petrolithium extraction systems, are the key to unlocking new, unconventional sources of lithium around the world while also improving upon conventional processes.


Anticipated increase in overall lithium demand between now and 2027

1,851 GWh

Estimated global demand of gigawatt-hours by 2030

Growing Lithium Demand Is Creating A Supply Shortage

Annual Lithium Demand Estimates By Application (000’s, Mt)
Annual Lithium Demand Estimates by Application (000's, Mt)
Sources: Deutsche Bank, Industry Data
Lithium Supply/Demand Estimates (000’s, Mt)
Lithium Supply/Demand Estimates (000’s, Mt)
Sources: Credit Suisse 2014, Goldman Sachs 2015

Building A Global Portfolio of Lithium Assets

MGX is amassing a global portfolio of lithium assets that serve as the foundation upon which its new technologies are developed and deployed. To date the Company has acquired interests in lithium assets totaling over 2.1 million acres across North and South America through direct acquisitions and strategic joint ventures.

The Company continues to actively explore for new opportunities globally that align with our core business model and enhance shareholder value.