High-Grade Silicon Assets in British Columbia

Koot is a high-grade silica project formerly explored by Teck-Cominco in the 1980's. Mineralization at Koot consist of high-purity silicon dioxide (SiO2) occurring along a 400 meter strike zone that remains open in all directions.

The Koot silica claims are located in the Golden mining district of southeastern British Columbia, less than four kilometers from the Canadian-Pacific rail line and 2.5 kilometers from Highway 95. The claims are accessible by a network of well-maintained logging roads. MGX controls a 100% interest in 166 contiguous hectares covering the known extent of mineralization.

The Koot occurrence is underlain by the Lower Cambrian Cranbrook Formation which is primarily comprised of siliceous quartzite, grit and pebble conglomerate, and sandstone. The quartzite is dense, poorly bedded, milky and medium to coarse grained.

It appears to be steeply dipping and ranges from a fairly competent rock to one that contains numerous hairline fractures. Limonite generally occurs on fracture surfaces and sometimes interstitially to quartz grains.

Historic Exploration
Exploration conducted on the Koot claims by Cominco (now Teck-Cominco) during the 1980’s outlined a mineralized zone spanning approximately 400 meters consisting of high-purity silicon dioxide (SiO2). Whole rock analysis of composite samples in six of seven shallow diamond drill holes returned values ranging between 98.7% and 99.3% SiO2 (Assessment Report 10160).

The zone remains open along strike and at depth to the north, east and west. Cominco also conducted decrepitation testing of rock fragments at 1,000 degrees Celsius from three quartzite outcrops and noted no decrepitation.

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