North America's Next Magnesium Oxide Mine

The Driftwood Creek project is hosted by the Precambrian-aged Mount Nelson Formation. This sedimentary formation is approximately 1,300 meters thick and intruded by younger felsic and mafic igneous dykes.

Magnesite mineralization occurs in the upper half of the formation and is well exposed at surface along as an isolated topographic ridge. Mineralization is stratigraphically associated with red to purple dolomites, cherty dolomites, stromatolitic dolomites, dissolution breccias and other sedimentary rock units containing dolomite pseudomorphs. Stromatolitic textures are preserved locally within magnesite-bearing rocks.

Magnesite has been traced over a strike length of 2,000 meters and to a maximum width of 220 meters. Mineralization occurs in two discrete zones that are believed to have been remobilized and enriched during a period of metamorphic recrystallization.

Western Zone
Driftwood Creek Western Zone
Eastern Zone
Driftwood Creek Eastern Zone
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