Petro Lithium

Unlocking North America's Lithium Brine Potential


Fueling The New Energy Economy: Petrolithium

Petrolithium is a new approach that focuses on separating lithium and other valuable minerals from abundantly available wastewater (brine) that accompanies oil and gas (O&G) production.

Long known to contain valuable minerals, wastewater brine is plentiful, yet currently treated as a waste product that is either injected deep underground or stored in giant tanks after it is separated from the oil.

Concentrating lithium and other valuable minerals from brine is faster and more environmentally-friendly than conventional methods such as solar evaporation or hard-rock mining.


  • Ability to utilize existing O&G infrastructure
  • Cleans brine while separating valuable minerals
  • Allows for scalable capital deployment
  • Simplifies permitting process
  • Eliminates solar evaporation step

“Old energy participates in the new energy economy.”

Jared Lazerson / MGX Minerals President & CEO

Nearly 20 million barrels of oil and gas are produced daily throughout North America. The United States accounts for approximately 65% of this production followed by Canada and Mexico at 25% and 10%, respectively.

As oilfields age the brine-to-O&G ratios rise exponentially. It is estimated that for every unit of O&G produced in North America an estimated 3-4 units of brine are pumped.

Recognizing this, MGX has implemented a business model that identifies and acquires mineral and O&G rights to aging oilfields throughout North America that contain known anomalous levels of lithium and other valuable minerals.