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Petro Lithium

Unlocking North America's Lithium Brine Potential


Fueling The New Energy Economy: Petrolithium

Petrolithium is a new approach that focuses on concentrating lithium and other minerals from abundantly available wastewater (brine) that accompanies oil and gas (O&G) production.

Long known to contain minerals, wastewater brine is plentiful, yet currently treated as a waste product that is either injected deep underground or stored in giant tanks after it is separated from oil.


  • Ability to utilize existing O&G infrastructure
  • Cleans brine while separating valuable minerals
  • Allows for scalable capital deployment
  • Simplifies permitting process
  • Eliminates solar evaporation step

“Old energy participates in the new energy economy.”

Jared Lazerson / MGX Minerals President & CEO

Nearly 20 million barrels of oil and gas are produced daily throughout North America. The United States accounts for approximately 65% of this production followed by Canada and Mexico at 25% and 10%, respectively.

As oilfields age the brine-to-O&G ratios rise exponentially. It is estimated that for every unit of O&G produced 4-5 units of brine are pumped. Thus, the North American O&G industry generates an estimated 80-100 million barrels of brine daily.

North American Brine to O&G Ratios