Unlocking Alberta's Lithium Potential

The Alberta Geological Survey first identified Alberta's lithium potential in the 1990's. The Survey completed a comprehensive review of 130,000 reported chemical analyses of lithium-bearing formation waters throughout the Province (Hitchon et al, 1995).

The compilation encompassed Cambrian through to Triassic formation waters. The Hitchon et al. (1995) compilations showed that the highest concentrations of lithium in formation water occurred within the Beaverhill Lake (Swan Hills) and/or Woodbend (Leduc) aquifers: 130 mg/L and 140 mg/L, respectively.

Nineteen analyses reported >100 mg/L lithium occurring within the Devonian Leduc (Woodbend Group) and Swan Hills (Beaverhill Lake Group) carbonate complexes.

Below: Shaded contour map of lithium-bearing formation waters in west-central Alberta.
The map is generated from a dataset totaling 1511 analyses (Eccles and Jean, 2010).
MGX Minerals Alberta Lithium Analyses Map Source: ERCB/AGS Open File Report 2011-10

(1) All assays referenced are from the geoScout Oil & Gas Industry database as reported by well operators and monitored by the Government of Alberta.

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