Petro Lithium

Unlocking North America's Lithium Brine Potential


About Petrolithium

Petrolithium is a new approach to sourcing lithium and other valuable minerals from the salt water (brine) that accompanies petroleum (crude oil) as it’s being pumped up to the surface. Among those valuable minerals in the brine is lithium carbonate, the key ingredient in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power laptops, mobile phones and electric vehicles around the world.

Long known to contain valuable minerals, petroleum brine is plentiful, yet currently treated as a waste product that is either injected deep underground or stored in giant tanks after it is separated from the oil. Extracting lithium from petroleum brine is faster and more environmentally friendly than conventional methods used today such as solar evaporation or hard-rock mining.

This recovery process was specifically designed for the highly-mineralized brine associated with petroleum extraction. The process can be completed faster than solar evaporation and is potentially less expensive than conventional hard-rock mining.

The process is designed to operate in oil and gas fields by integration with existing environmental and disposal systems – whether they are standalone or centralized environmental facilities.

MGX Minerals is integrating its petrolithium extraction methods with PurLucid Treatment Solutions’ technology, which separates impurities from oil industry waste streams to produce clean water as a final product.

Together, the technologies pre-treat brine to remove oil, colloid and metals through patented nanoflotation and filtration technologies. The patented process separates oil from lithium-bearing brine, removing one of the major hurdles of oilfield lithium brine production.