Petro Lithium

Unlocking North America's Lithium Brine Potential


Lithium Overview

  • First Mover Advantage: First to recognize petrolithium potential and implement business strategy
  • Aggressive Acquisition: Over 1.6 million acres acquired to date throughout North America
  • Excellent Infrastructure: Focused on regions within and around fully serviced oilfields
  • Partnerships In Place: Agreements with major oil and gas companies to conduct well sampling
  • Proprietary Design Process: Filed U.S. Provisional Patent #62/419,011
  • Proof of Concept: Successfully extracted lithium from oilfield brine using proprietary design process

Provisional Patent #62/419,011

In November 2016 MGX filed U.S. Provisional Patent #62/419,011 for a “Method for Extraction of Lithium from Salt Brine” (see press release dated November 10, 2016). The patent application is extensive and comprehensive in its description of a modern industrial process specifically designed for recovering lithium and other valuable minerals from sale brine.

Proof of Concept

In January 2017 MGX and PurLucid Treatment Solutions.reported they had successfully extracted lithium from heavy oil evaporator blowdown wastewater originating from the Alberta oil fields (see press release dated January 3, 2017).

MGX Minerals Lithium Carbonate Extraction
Lithium carbonate produced from Sturgeon Lake oilfield brine using MGX's proprietary design process.