Established in 2012, MGX Minerals has grown from its roots in conventional mining into a diversified clean energy and mining technology company. Through direct research and development, strategic partnerships and acquisition of promising assets and technologies in battery commodities, extraction processes, and clean tech for the oil, gas and mining sectors, MGX is fueling tomorrow’s clean energy economy.


Organizational Structure

Under the leadership of Jared Lazerson, the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, MGX Minerals has secured its position as an industry leader with its flagship first-to-market commercial rapid lithium extraction technology, developed in partnership with engineering subsidiary PurLucid Treatment Solutions.

This rapid lithium extraction technology, the first of its kind to be commercially deployed, greatly reduces the capital expenditure, geographic limitations, water usage and environmental footprint required to extract lithium compared to traditional solar evaporation. This new technology enables extraction of lithium from a broad range of brines, including wastewater from hydraulic fracturing, conventional oil production, oil sands (bitumen) production, geothermal brine, and other sources such as lithium-rich mine and industrial wastewater. This innovative technology was recognized with a Base & Specialty Metals Industry Leadership Award at the 2018 Platts Global Metals Awards and MGX was a finalist for two 2018 Global Platts Energy Awards for Rising Star Company and Emerging Technology.

As a pioneering mining technology company, MGX Minerals is at the forefront of innovation that improves project economics and shrinks the industry’s environmental footprint. In addition to the company’s flagship rapid lithium extraction technology, which is developing “petrolithium” as a viable source of the mineral for the market, MGX is also developing a new hard rock mining approach that will eliminate the need for chemical leaching as well as the hydrogen gasification of petcoke to extract cobalt and other precious metals. The company’s acquisition of MGX Renewables (formerly ZincNyx), the zinc-air flow battery technology company for long-duration energy storage, is further proof for their vision to serve as a leader in providing the clean energy resources that will make the foundation of tomorrow’s energy economy.

Strategic Acquisitions and Organic Growth

  • ZincNyxc Energy

    December 2017

    MGX acquires ZincNyx Energy Solutions Inc.- advances clean energy utility-scale storage and power grid stabilization technology

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  • MGX Geothermal Brine Technology

    November 2017

    MGX and engineering partner PurLucid announce development of high temperature filtration technology to extract metals and minerals from geothermal brine

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  • Case Lake Property

    August 2017

    MGX announces joint venture with Power Metals to acquire a portfolio of lithium brine properties and advance the Case Lake pegmatite project in Ontario

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  • Petrolithium Corporation of America

    January 2017

    MGX forms U.S. subsidiary PetroLithium Corporation of America- begins aggressive acquisition strategy

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  • PurLucid Treatment Solutions

    September 2016

    MGX acquires option to purchase 100% interest in PurLucid Treatment Solutions Inc.- solves major hurdle to oil well lithium brine separation process

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  • Alberta Lithium Portfolio

    February 2016

    MGX acquires initial Alberta lithium brine properties- begins consolidating over 1.7 million acres of brine-bearing formations throughout the Province

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  • Driftwood Creek Acquisition

    July 2014

    MGX acquires option to purchase 100% interest in Driftwood Creek magnesium property- begins development of North America's next magnesium oxide mine

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